A Touchless Thermometer, Flashing Audio, and a Mesmerizing Mattress Cover

Welcome to Gadget Dreams and Nightmares, the column that resolves new gadget announcements from Wheat.

We reveal the move to be a shiny new toy in the days following CES, but are far ahead in our crowdfunding-heavy lineup, including a thermometer smartphone accessory, flashing headphones, the world’s smartest mattress cover, and a Bluetooth headset / Voice is included. Recorder.

As always, ratings should be taken with a pinch of salt – they only relate to how much I want to use each product. These are not reviews.

Feel the heat

Joywing’s Wishbone is a hardcore thermometer that you or I would have seen on any visit to the doctor. This is a smartphone attachment that gives a temperature readout in a second or two, even thanks to an infrared sensor for the person or material being examined.

It is inexpensive at US $ $ for pledge crowdfunding drives, and I like the ability to track an object’s temperature change over a period of time. This feature can be especially useful for fussy new parents who want to keep a close watch on their baby’s health.

That said, I’m inclined to use it to check if my toasts were still hot without touching it.

Light beats

The team behind Glow earphones want to hear more of the audio-visual feast music by burning the device cable. It can be timed with the rhythm of the music you’re listening to, and with an Android focus, it can operate one’s phone and Google Now from a remote.

Trying to make a splash in a crowded market is a tricky spin, but I would find it very attractive to wear on the street, especially at night. I am inclined to trap the cable inside my coat, which will likely give me the luminescence of a glow stick. Maybe the producers were onto something with that name.

Sleep smart

I have gone back and forth many times over my feelings towards the Internet of Things, or IoT, movement. On the one hand, the idea of ​​connecting everything with a power supply to a smartphone-controlled network in my house is very exciting. On the other hand, there are many things that I like to do in an old fashioned way. I’m not sure I would trust a robot to make my morning eggs.

Still, if there is one single item that has done more than any other, I have the sway to the former line of thinking, this is the wondrous Luna Smart Mattress Cover. This IoT is hit on the head.

It simply works, in which it learns your sleeping routine and at what temperature you and your partner prefer to stay in bed, and adjusts them both to your liking before you get to bed.

What’s more, when you get settled, it can lock the smart lock of your door, lower the temperature elsewhere in your home, and dim the lights, integrating with various smart home products. for. It works upside down when you wake up in the morning, and it can start heating your coffee, so it is ready by the time you get into the kitchen.

It has quickly caught on with the public, as it hits its US $ 100,000 crowdfunding target within six hours, and I admit I fell in with it. Not only because I love sleep, but because it works so seamlessly within the fabric of one’s home setup.

It’s a shame that this bug is not bug-repellent, but hey – nothing is right in this life, gang.

Ars Going Blue

To focus our attention for a minute, working in the media industry means that you need to conduct multiple phone interviews and transfer them. This means that there is a way to record the call.

The Bluewire Bluetooth headset only does so that it can record up to 1,000 hours of chatting.

I’m sure it would be useful for people in all types of areas (or while in the car), and it’s nice to see a function to record Skype conversations with transferring NFC data to a smartphone. There is also a burglar alarm feature, which is strange and unpredictable, though barely worth entering the con column.

That said, I always get Bluetooth headsets that look like this, and I have an instinctive, immediate rebellion for anyone to wear them. Using it is probably not worth the risk for my street cred. I’ll stick to my Skype recorder tool.

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