How Apple Will Sell a Watch That No One Really Needs

Recently there has been plenty of coverage of where and how the Apple Watch will sell through high-end luxury department stores in Paris, for example, or through exclusive new displays inside the Apple Store, in existence by fashion genius Angela Directed. Chirm. It is important to find new ways to introduce the watch, but how will Apple actually trigger a purchase decision?

Sure, it’s easy enough for some rich dude to add some new watches to his collection, and it’s easy to convince Apple fans that it’s true … but Apple strap on a watch How to convince millions of regular humans and wear it every day?

This is a tough challenge because when you really think about it, the Apple Watch in early 2015 is a product that no one really needs. Never mind the time on your wrist, how many people really need to track their heart rate? Of all the things that Apple Watch does, none of them are important to live a great life.

For example, does anyone really need to wave their Apple Watch in a retail environment to buy a packet of gum? To buy onboard facilities on an aircraft when it reaches an increasing altitude?

How many people need a smart watch to tell them to get off their butt and move around? To count their steps or to see how many stairs they climbed?

Or, to put it another way, how many people are going to say, “Well, I sit too long. I ride the elevator. And I don’t turn around and exercise enough … so I What needs to be changed is I need an Apple watch.

I need an Apple watch to keep track of my fast exercise, so I’ll check it out, and if I see it in the graph on my wrist, I need to turn it off I would be more likely to exercise when the cool green exercise ring when I recommend 30 minutes of exercise per day. Wow! That’s my answer! ”

This is a psychological excuse to get an Apple Watch. It is not needed. Not by a long shot. This is a wish.

The point is: Apple will sell us millions of Apple watches using these psychological wants, desires and triggers and make us crazy.

So let’s cover the major methods that Apple will use to help us shell out hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for a super smart wrist-worn device.

A healthy you

The first way is by connecting the Apple Watch to a healthier life, turning it into a catalyst for exercise, acting like a miracle diet that psychologically seems to be the answer to a very common problem in some parts of the world Happens: sedentary humans.

If you’re having trouble exercising enough and living a healthy life – and you want to do better, but can’t do it yourself – buying an Apple Watch can change your life.

It is a product embodied hope and desire that is partially designed to use human nature to help yourself. But it does not have to be a watch. This device can be a great orbit made by Apple. Just keep it in your pocket. The same principles of desire and desire remain.

Apple will connect the Apple Watch to a healthier life, and will sell a few million in the first year.

What about Geeks and Fanboys

Of course, Apple fans will buy the Apple Watch because it will extend their Apple life. A few million in boom sales, no problem. An Apple Watch that will turn on the lights in a house, unlock the doors, and let you find a show on your new Apple TV using Siri. how cool is that? I’m in!

But there is also a segment of buyers who struggle with time management, who turn to technology to help them disperse their minds and give them shiny new tools to help them navigate their day Huh.

They will tell themselves that they are so busy and unfocused that they need information on their wrist to alert them to their next meeting, that they need directions to get there, and that this is so good that Ask Siri to text a coworker on your wrist or ask a friend if he wants iced or regular coffee – since you are getting up from your chair, to walk anyway, you can use your movement for the day. Can accomplish goals.

None of this is particularly important for one’s life. But for some, it will feel important. For a handful of managers whose calendar has been filled by an assistant, this can be really useful.

For most of the world? Not so much. At the moment, a communication tool on your wrist is about boasting more than reality, about self-importance and feeling effective – and those feelings are what Apple wants to help some more people sell the Apple Watch Will Tap: Apple Watch makes you more effective during your work day.

Apple Watch will allow you to express your personality

Most people do not have the budget to buy multiple watches to meet their different fashion needs.

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