The Apple/Tesla Dream Team

We’ve had a lot of speculation this week on Apple Car – everything from Apple to buying their car from scratch or merging with Tesla.

Like many, I think the best route would be an Apple / Tesla combination, but I suspect the only real option would be the CEO’s office for both firms if Tim wants to work for Musk or Musk for Tim.

The two people will be co-workers, but Elon will be the visionary, take the old place of Jobs, and Cook will be in charge of the execution. That’s something he’s done exceptionally at Apple, and Tesla could use some help with it.

I’ll share some thoughts about the Apple / Tesla Dream Team and end the week with their own product: a heart monitor that no other tracker does – it measures stamina.

What does apple want

If it was ever suspected that Tim Cook could run Apple very well, it evaporated to a great extent when Apple reported excellent results from its last quarter.

The only remaining problem is whether Apple can open new product categories like Steve Jobs did with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. In all three cases, the respective markets were very different before Apple entered and effectively took over.

MP3 players were largely accompanied by a glitch of DRM (digital rights management) malfunctioning devices requiring a combination of skill and pain tolerance that most were not able or able to handle. Apple entered at a high price with best-in-class utility, and eventually it was market owned.

Smartphones were all over the map, with a wide mix of keyboard and screen designs as RIM (now Blackberry) and Palm effectively own the market.

Apple took a design that did not succeed and made it so popular that it effectively beats the rest of it, put Palm out of business and almost identical to the BlackBerry. To date, Apple largely owns the premium side of the smartphone market, and its iPhone is still considered the most powerful device in the segment.

The tablets were a mess of readers and Windows tablets that wanted something that Apple carried with the iPad / iPhone concept to larger screen sizes until Apple entered with the iPad. It was originally an iPod touch with a huge screen, and people slammed it into Chinese like ants.

It never really carried on its promise of becoming a true productivity tool, which is why Chromebooks in schools and Microsoft Surface tablets in business have taken some initial momentum back.

Also, Amazon has done a better job with readers, which is why Kindle has fared better in the small form factor class. Still, the full-size iPad is the gold standard for this pure-play tablet.

Of the three products, the iPad is having the greatest competitive difficulty, and the newest version – the iPad Mini – is struggling like any of Apple’s strategic products, ever under Jobs, late in its product cycle.

Note that the iPad mini was not a product that Jobs wanted to create, as Amazon had already stabilized the small tablet space with the Kindle, making that market very difficult for Apple to turn a profit.

Now Apple is facing the launch of its new Apple Watch, and while this market looks like the initial iPod, iPhone and iPad segment, what sales there are focused on health and exercise. Apple promised to take the lead in this area, but word is that it had to extract most of that functionality.

This may inspire non-Apple fans to choose something else (Apple fans will buy the most from Apple) until they are convinced that it is a new, must-have magical device such as the iPod, iPhone and iPad. According to Steve Jobs.

Apple needs someone who can sell a dream – and it just doesn’t seem to be in Cook’s skill set. Honestly, outside of Musk and Jobs, it does not appear in the skill set of any CEO.

What does tesla need

Tesla is actually mostly a one trick pony. It has the Tesla S, which has been successful in California – mostly around Silicon Valley, where the damn things are similar to Toyotas. However, it is struggling outside the state, especially in the central and eastern parts of the US, where dealerships for older car brands are largely owned by politicians.

These politicians have passed laws blocking Tesla’s storefront sales model, which customers like, I wonder where the federal government is, because it is the one that gives the body competitive competitive practices and the illegal use of political offices Supposed to protect from. For further personal wealth.

Given that the federal government has also invested a significant amount in Tesla, you would think that it would be more aggressive in protecting the company from self-serving politicians.

Tesla has yet to get its Tesla X out, and it’s not like people don’t drool over that car.

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