The Apple Watch Mystery Won’t Be Solved March 9

Apple’s first major new product entry since the iPad has been overshadowed by the fog – the Apple Watch – will not be picked up on March 9, when Apple is widely given more information about its upcoming Apple Watch release.

Apple’s invitation to its media event is characteristically, with its ambiguous “spring forward”, teasing, which likely refers to a change in daylight savings time – and well, time itself – but in this event possibly a The new MacBook Air could include, the iPad Pro, or an Apple TV / Center-of-Your-Universe-Hub announcement, as well.

No matter what exactly “Spring Forward” refers to, Apple is slated to begin delivery of the Apple Watch in April. By having a prelage media event to show it in more detail in March, as well as starting a pre-order date before shipping starts, Apple will get another big news cycle.

While the new Pebble Time smartwatch broke pledge goals on Kickstarter, funding for 28 days with more than 51,000 backers and rocketing up to US $ 11.2 million, the Apple Watch will likely break the waves that Pebble Time created Compared to waves.

So yes, Apple would be well served to give potential buyers a little head before coming to the Apple Store. More than this point, Apple needs to give new buyers a chance to know which version of the Apple Watch they want to wear – not to find out who can afford the Apple Watch.

So what is the big secret

As I can tell, the Apple Watch event will likely fill in some knowledge gaps around functionality, as well as pricing – and when I get to them in a minute, the secret is whether most of us are new buyers. Suddenly, the watch wearers turn for more than a few months.

Will I be a watchmaker again

I do not know. Oh, I’ll snap an Apple Watch as soon as possible, maybe a Sport Edition, but that doesn’t mean I’m sure I’ll like it and use it everyday. However, I would buy two reasons.

First, I write about Apple, so I’m buying an Apple Watch. Second, even though I had not written about Apple, Apple is making an interesting leap in smartwatch technology, especially for Apple enthusiasts. Because I would like to see an iconic Rose Watch, but have not yet been sufficiently fascinated to buy one, an Apple Watch is a possible option.

It’s a mystery whether the Apple Watch will be useful enough to be worth wearing … and every day … especially to people like me – Apple enthusiasts who buy Apple gear, because we compare it to us Use more than they are. Looks

For us, the Apple Watch will not only need to fit our personality, but also provide a reason for us to be on our wrist in the first place. I’ve already written a little bit about how Apple will manipulate our purchase triggers and get us to buy an Apple Watch … but gotta love it for months and years? It is still a mystery.

Hopes, dreams and boundaries

What can we expect to learn from Apple’s March 9 program? Pricing, obviously. The Apple Watch (basic version) starts at $ 349, but the Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition options can retail at any cost. Seriously, taking any number under $ 449 and $ 21,000 will not go wrong.

Other factors may also be more pronounced, however, including initial limitations. For example, because the Apple Watch will have to pair with the iPhone for location tracking – to use the iPhone’s GPS and WiFi capabilities – the Apple Watch is not going to map your run and tell you how much distance you have Decided. Trail running – until you pack your iPhone for your run.

For some, this is a major disappointment, but apparently it is not a big deal for the two very fit young women featured in Apple’s health and fitness promotional videos. (If you can spot iPhones hidden in workout clothes embracing your body while they run outside, let me know.)

For me personally, I would be interested to know how many miles I run on playing basketball for an hour. Also, while I could tape over the Apple Watch or slip a wristband over it while playing the ball, would it maintain a connection with my iPhone when it was off the court? Or do I have to tie the iPhone to my body too?

To be fair, you can’t expect a gadget the size of an Apple Watch to do everything – there’s a give and take, well, and we understand that. It just means that the Sport might not be as sporty as a super-active person would expect.

Charging, charging and over charging

A big question is a matter of concern: Can a normal person one day get an Apple Watch? What if it was a Friday night in the city on that day?

How long will it take to charge? Will you need to charge it every night?

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